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Paying attention to changing climate during the pandemic

Paying attention to changing climate during the pandemic

November 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the center of everyone's focus for nearly a whole year, and for good reason. The pandemic deserves to be talked about and there are still pressing issues related to the...

Senior Gabby Black walks across the court on senior night with her family.  Photo Credit: Liz Fruechtnicht

Underclassmen should give their extra tickets to seniors on senior nights

Abigail Tracy October 8, 2020

Senior athletes of fall sports are only granted a limited number of tickets on their senior night, which for some families is not enough. They are left scrambling to try and find extra tickets. On the...

Local nursing homes on lockdown due to COVID-19

Grace Portzline April 21, 2020

A global pandemic demands a global response. The world is forced to band together - each person making their own difference - to fight this life-threatening virus, COVID-19. While many people are safely...

Sarah Carpenter wears a protective mask. (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Do not panic about the Corona Virus

jake barry March 2, 2020

The Coronavirus or Wuhan virus that began spreading in the city of Wuhan, China at the very end of 2019 has people worried out of their minds.  Panic will only lead to safety hazards and false...

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday Madness

Emily Gold November 27, 2019

As the time for Christmas shopping approaches, dedicated parents and persistent teens everywhere gather to celebrate one chaotic day of shopping and great deals. With crowded malls, packed stores and eager...

School uniforms will make school a better place for students

School uniforms will make school a better place for students

Lauren Kiernan November 13, 2019

Clothing trends are constantly changing. One week it is flared pants, the next it is skin-tight jeans; there is never just one consistent trend. It is hard to walk through the school halls and feel as...

A picture of a students average homework load.

Schools should stress mental health more

Faith Blankemeyer November 6, 2019

BY FAITH BLANKEMEYER ('20) Mental health is becoming a growing epidemic for teenagers. Many things are contributing to this, but the main factor is school. Students have more pressure put on them every...

To any junior or senior, nights where your desk looks like this are very common. (BluePrints Photo/Nicholas Williams)

Standardize tests scamming students

Nick Williams October 30, 2019

BY NICHOLAS WILLIAMS (‘20) The ACT has been a staple of American education for sixty years, and the SAT is creeping in on a century.  Ask any high school junior or senior what is stressing them out,...

Nicotine products on display at a Certified convenience store (Gavin Robinson/BluePrints)

Banning vapes may be misguided

Gavin Robinson October 23, 2019

Vaping has been a topic of controversy ever since it became frighteningly popular with underage users. While most vaping products claim they intend to help smokers cut back on their habit, vaping has,...

Districts Should Hire Mental Health Experts To Help With Stress

Districts Should Hire Mental Health Experts To Help With Stress

Anna Mialky October 16, 2019

BY ANNA MIALKY '(20) Stress in schools is often overwhelming. Between family, friends and the anxiety that comes with being a teenager, often the addition of difficult assignments and tests can cause...

It’s just a game

Emily Gold October 8, 2019

3BY: EMILY GOLD ('20)  We were playing Licking Valley. During the final seconds of this game, I fell and twisted my knee. The first thing I heard from the stands was a from the other team's parent...

Later school start times needed to avoid sleep deprivation

Later school start times needed to avoid sleep deprivation

jake barry October 2, 2019

Many teens in the United States suffer from sleep loss because of how early schools start, which is around 7:00 to 8:00 am. Many studies have been done in recent years that show the advantages of later...

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