Granville Traditions

Granville Traditions

January 3, 2022

Holiday Activity Guide

Holiday Activity Guide

Ella Mork , Broadcast Editor December 15, 2021

Which Thrift Store Is Best For You?

Kamryn Kirkham May 7, 2021

Thrifting has become a popular hobby amongst teens and early adults throughout these past years. Getting second hand clothes is much cheaper than going to a name brand store spending 40 dollars on one...

Maintaining confidence in high school

Maintaining confidence in high school

March 17, 2021

You’ll hear this sentiment probably over a thousand times in your life. “Oh, you should be more confident!” “It’s all in the confidence!” “Confidence is attractive!” What people...

The issue with social media: strangers and friends

The issue with social media: strangers and friends

February 17, 2021

Okay. While this is definitely a topic I’m sure has been drilled into your head by adults (don’t worry, it’s been drilled into mine too), I think that a different message comes across when it is...

Art by Stephanie Houser

Why you should actually do the assigned reading in English class

January 20, 2021

Throughout high school, there is a fair amount of books that you will be asked to read. Depending on what class you choose to take, the amount and selections vary. The more “advanced” the class you...

Christmas lights, up bright and early, but at night. Photo Credit: Luke Dixon

Holiday fun to be done socially distanced

December 22, 2020

2020 has been a really hard year for everybody, but on the bright side, Christmas is coming very soon. Distanced holiday fun will be in store for the whole community to be safe and still have fun this...

The formal Bergstrom family Christmas tree. Photo courtesy of Abby Bergstrom.

Students, teachers show off tree decorating skills

Amelia Havill December 21, 2020

While hunkered down for the holidays, one holiday tradition that can go on is the decorating of Christmas trees. Biology teacher Jennifer Newell does multiple themed trees, which she decorates a week...

Picture created @ (Made by Wyatt Rivers)

Christmas safety provokes a redirect in holiday shopping

Wyatt Rivers December 20, 2020

With the pandemic keeping many indoors and closing shops for good, it is not hard to believe that Christmas shopping will be more difficult this year. Even if shops decide to keep their doors open, with...

Santa drove through Park Ridge waving at happy watchers.

District, village rethink holiday traditions to meet social distancing guidelines

December 19, 2020

The small town of Granville typically puts on a big lineup of annual holiday festivities such as the high school musical performance, the Candlelight Walking Tour, the Santa Claus tour and seasonal competitions....

Accepting that friends ebb and flow throughout high school

Accepting that friends ebb and flow throughout high school

December 16, 2020

If you would have told me freshman year about all of the people I would be friends with right now, I would be shocked. Not necessarily because of who my friends are right now, but because of who they...

Read this, and Ill help you keep your room clean

Read this, and I’ll help you keep your room clean

November 18, 2020

It’s the end of the week. Before COVID, weekends meant going out with friends, seeing a movie, or -for a really special treat- going over to Easton. Things are a little different now, but what has definitely...

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