George Turner who played the role of the Grinch celebrates with some of the cast after the play.

Granville upcoming plays

Ella Mork , Broadcasting Editor October 15, 2021

Granville High School Drama Club is really excited about some upcoming plays. Drama teacher Sarah Sharps has been finding a lot of different plays this year that she thinks kids will enjoy and find...

Re-Open the Nutrition Bar

September 28, 2021

Last year, covid made some pretty impactful changes to our everyday school life. With protocols slowly getting back to normal, One issue students are still wondering about is the nutri-bar. It was taken...

First time at Caine’s: An outsider’s take

Madeline Barket May 14, 2021

As a DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) native, I know chicken. Nearly every restaurant has its take on a chicken recipe. The foreign restaurants from India, South Africa, and Peru all add their traditional...

photo courtesy of day y noche

Best local restaurants for dining with friends

Wyatt Rivers May 12, 2021

With summer just around the corner, and the masses choosing to venture out of their homes, look no further than the Granville Village’s star restaurants during the daylight hours. These restaurants...

Productivity forest in the app Forest.

At your service: A guide to the best computer assistant apps

Kennedy Ogden May 4, 2021

Grammarly: Grammarly is a chrome extension app that can be added to help with all things writing. Offtentimes while writing an essay there are moments where words start to blend. Knowing what is right...

Viking valor in Valheim

Viking valor in “Valheim”

Carys Williams April 23, 2021

"Valheim" is a game that came out on February 2. It is a third-person open-world survival game that is influenced by Nordic mythos. It has been described as a mix of "Minecraft" and "Teria." I am someone...

Photo Credit: @snydercut Zack Snyder Twitter

Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’: The Ultimate Improvement

Wyatt Rivers April 9, 2021

After the massive flop that was the 2017 "Justice League" movie, many DC fans were left disappointed and frustrated. Most of this disappointment rose from the fact that the movie had failed at the two...

Artist Spotlight: Wallows

Artist Spotlight: Wallows

April 1, 2021

On the 15th of February, the single "Quarterback" was released by Wallows, a band which has taken over the indie boy band scene since its debut in 2017. The current lineup consists of Cole Preston, Braeden...

Abigail and Liz, the two coffee addicts at hand. Photo Credit: Sophie Graf

Two‌ ‌Coffee‌ ‌Addicts‌ ‌Rank‌ ‌the‌ ‌Top‌ ‌Five‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Popular‌ ‌Coffees‌

Abigail Tracy March 26, 2021

At the age of 17 and 18, my best friend Liz and I have developed an addiction to coffee. With such an addiction, we have tried many different types of coffees, ranging from hot to iced to frozen. There...

Sophomore Lucy Waggoner (Nina) poses with her sister Roxy, a makeup and costume crew member, pose before all-day tech. Due to Covid-19 regulations, all cast and crew members had to wear masks.
BluePrints Photo by Kennedy Ogden

Drama Club gets creative for their shows this year

November 6, 2020

Just like everyone else, the Drama Club has been facing some set backs on how they are going to be able to produce their shows this year. Luckily, they are able to do a live version of their play with...

Album cover of Write About Love/Photo courtesty of Wikipedia

Ambiguous Indie

October 28, 2020

The album Write About Love by Belle & Sebastian puts deep thoughts into light, dancy melodies that are easier to digest than in their raw form.  This album takes listeners back to a time heavy...

The opening TIkTok screen Photo Credit: Abigail Tracy

Top 5 types of Draco Malfoy TikTok edits

Abigail Tracy October 12, 2020

A new genre of videos recently popped up on the popular social media platform TikTok. Under the hashtag, #dracotok, there are thousands of videos about Draco Malfoy, a villain in the Harry Potter film...

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