Sarah Carpenter wears a protective mask. (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

The Coronavirus Surge

Faith Blankemeyer February 24, 2020

With thousands upon thousands of cases reported, and the death toll continuing to rise, the Coronavirus has become an epicenter of world news. With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, it is important...

Nike Air Force shoe, as of late, a more common shoe within fashion. (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Revolutionizing the way of fashion

Faith Blankemeyer February 21, 2020

Fashion trends are always evolving and progressing. Here is a top ten list of current fashion trends that have been circling around the streetwear and fashion communities. This list has been gathered...

Here is my thought process on Oceans released songs from the silhouettes shown.

The ultimate secrets of Frank Oceans newly published songs

Faith Blankemeyer December 4, 2019

After almost four years of radio silence of a new album, Frank Ocean has dropped two new tracks. The two tracks, “DHL” and “In My Room”, are both psychedelic and whimsical tacks. These are different...

A picture of a students average homework load.

Schools should stress mental health more

Faith Blankemeyer November 6, 2019

BY FAITH BLANKEMEYER ('20) Mental health is becoming a growing epidemic for teenagers. Many things are contributing to this, but the main factor is school. Students have more pressure put on them every...

Renovations across school grounds

Renovations across school grounds

Faith Blankemeyer October 4, 2019

BY FAITH BLANKEMEYER ('20) With money from the permanent improvement levy, the district made several major improvements to the high school building over the summer. Students are likely to notice...

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