First Person: A day with the Newark Police Department

First Person: A day with the Newark Police Department

Daniel Brnjic May 24, 2017

BY DANIEL BRNJIC ('17) Growing up the son of a cop is a different kind of childhood. My father watched most of my soccer games from inside his patrol car and usually had to leave multiple times for...

President Trumps foreign policy comes with many implications

President Trump’s foreign policy comes with many implications

Daniel Brnjic April 27, 2017

BY DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) April was an eventful month for President Trump and his foreign policy. First he ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase as retaliation for Syrian President Assad’s chemical...

A letter to President General Admiral Putin

A letter to President General Admiral Putin

Daniel Brnjic March 23, 2017

BY DANIEL BRNJIC (‘17) Dear President General Admiral Putin, As a proud American, I have the obligation to tell you that you are a corrupt and ruthless individual who neglects his people. I was...

Princess Leia is the ultimate Disney princess

Princess Leia is the ultimate Disney princess

Daniel Brnjic March 3, 2017

Princess Leia has been the flower child of sci-fi geeks for a generation. She is an attractive and strong character who champions both charm and ruthlessness. Since the first “Star Wars” in the 1980’s...

Senior Project makes leaps and bounds with help of OSU and Denison

Daniel Brnjic February 28, 2017

STORY BY DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY JORDAN GUMMERE ('17), CORTEZ YANNIE ('17), AND MEGAN COFFEY('18) In an ever shrinking world, global competence is the key to success.  Every...

Merry Christmas will endure the test of time

‘Merry Christmas’ will endure the test of time

Daniel Brnjic December 8, 2016

BY DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) It has been well documented that our founding fathers were Christian, but were not allies of organized religion such as the Catholic Church. The founders of our nation held...

The forest beckons hunters across Ohio (Madeline Walker/BluePrints photo)

Hunting rewards those in need during a season of giving

Daniel Brnjic November 28, 2016

BY DANIEL BRNJIC ('17) Deer hunting is painted as a sport that kills deer for the fun of it. Most think that hunting is a danger to our environment by depriving it of deer. In reality, though, there...

Sydney  Bednarski carves a blue ace pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving with Sydney Bednarski

Daniel Brnjic October 25, 2016


Bill Clinton speaks to a crowd. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Battle of the spouses: How the significant others have shaped the election

Daniel Brnjic October 20, 2016

BY JUSTIN THOMPSON (‘17) AND DANIEL BRNJIC (‘17) SPORTS EDITOR AND FEATURES EDITOR Although America got a good laugh out of Bill Clinton in the 90’s, we have no time for such shenanigans in the...

Jeremy Hopping does marital arts and an Karate event

Mr. Hopping’s passion for Karate

Daniel Brnjic October 13, 2016

BY DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) For thousands of years’ teacher of martial arts have trained their students in the art of combat. History teacher Jeremy Hopping is no different. Hopping is often just...

District considers drug testing program

District considers drug testing program

Daniel Brnjic May 9, 2016

By DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) Our high school has had a reputation for drug use for a long time. Currently administrative officials at the district office are putting a plan in the works for the 2016-2017...

(BluePrints Photo)

America is in need of Donald Trump

Daniel Brnjic February 26, 2016

BY DANIEL BRNJIC (’17) Today America finds herself a country in premature decline like the great societies of the past. Unlike the Greeks and the Romans, our brightest days are yet to come and America...

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