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BluePrints is the official publication of Granville High School, published by students enrolled in Journalism. In addition to BluePrints Online the staff also publishes a quarterly newsmagazine. Both publications are funded by advertisements from local companies.

Editorial Policy

As a forum of student expression, the goal of BluePrints is to provide the high school students’ perspective on relevant issues concerning the school, the community and the world. The  staff makes all decisions on information published in its newsmagazine, its website and its publishing in other social medias. Editorial decisions are based on timeliness, relevance and appropriateness.  Opinions expressed in BluePrints are not necessarily that of the entire staff, the student body or the school.

Letters to the Editor

BluePrints welcomes feedback in the form of Letters to the Editors. To submit your feedback, please email your full name and your letter of around 300 words in length to [email protected] Letters are subject to discretion and editing, for length, taste and libel. In the event that more letters are submitted than can be accommodated in our print issue, the student editors of the BluePrints will determine which letters are printed in the magazine. Any letters that are not in our print edition will be published online.

Comment Policy

BluePrints appreciates comments from our online readers on our website and on social media. All comments must be appropriate and are scanned before being published. Our goal is to foster a productive, relevant discussion. We, therefore, reserve the right to remove any comments that are determined to be inappropriate, including any comments that contain foul language; racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive remarks; spam; and/or personal attacks. All comments must be signed. Although we do our best to review comments as quickly as possible, please allow at least 48 hours for your comment to be approved. If you feel that your comment has been incorrectly deleted, please contact us at [email protected]

Contact Us

Granville High School

248 New Burg St.

Granville, OH 43023

Phone: (740) 587-8105 x 199

Email: [email protected]


BluePrints is a magazine produced by students for students. With that in mind, the staff encourages any GHS student to submit letters to the editor, op-ed article or other types of writing for publication. If you would like to contribute, speak to a staff member or Mrs. Tolbert. You may also submit any contributions to [email protected]

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Advertising Policy:

We reserve the right to refuse to print an ad for any reason.
Ad Rates

Print (per issue):

Full Page (8.5” x 11″ ) / $50 per issue; $250 per year (5 issues total)
Half Page (7.5″ x 4.8″) / $25 per issue; $125 per year (5 issues total)
Quarter Page (3.6″ x 4.9”) / $12 per issue; $60 per year (5 issues total)
Eighth Page (2.3″ x 3.6″) / $6 per issue; $30 per year (5 issues total)
Online (per month):

Top Page Banner / $50 per month; $400 per year
Bottom Page Banner / $50 per month; $400 per year
Large Right Side Square Ad (300 px X 250 px) / $25 per month; $200 per year
Small Right Side Square Ad (125 px X 125 px) / $15 per month; $115 per year
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Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to advertise in BluePrints.

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