The One With All The Thanksgiving Episodes


Anna Mialky

Your guide to the best of “Friends” Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time for “Friends” lovers everywhere to begin their annual binge of the classic Thanksgiving episodes. However, nine episodes in one day is quite a lot and can distract from the traditional Thanksgiving activities. To solve this problem, I have listed the “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes from worst to best. 

9. “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister” (Season 9)

Rachel’s sister, Amy, comes into town for Thanksgiving and takes interest in Emma, while Chandler takes interest in his and Monica’s wedding china. Although it contains many funny moments, it does not compare to other episodes. 

8. “The One With The Late Thanksgiving” (Season 10)

Four of the six arrive an hour late after various barriers but ultimately they come together for one last “Friends” Thanksgiving meal. The episode is a beautiful closing to the Thanksgiving episode tradition.

7. “The One Where Chandler Hates Dogs” (Season 7)

The gang plus Tag celebrates Thanksgiving once again with the addition of furry friends and challenging games. As Chandler fakes a dog allergy and Rachel finally tells Tag how she feels, the season 7 Thanksgiving episode does not disappoint. However, although this episode contains many laughable moments, it does not compare with other episodes in humor and plot essentiality. 

6. “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” (Season 1)

Although it is not the best episode, it is a beautiful start to the “Friends” Thanksgiving tradition. It includes the beginning of Chandler’s annual story about his hate for the holiday, change of plans that ultimately allow the gang to come together and a lot of mashed potatoes. The episode’s hilarious moments such as when everyone thinks Joey has syphilis and when the gang gets locked out of Monica’s apartment make the episode quite enjoyable and set the bar for later “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes to come.

5. “The One With Chandler in A Box” (Season 4) 

While alluding to “The One With The Cat,” Joey puts Chandler in a box as punishment for stealing his girlfriend and Monica invites Richard’s son to dinner, adding drama to their Thanksgiving. Though not the funniest of the episodes, “The One With Chandler In A Box” helps move the plot of season 4 along and strengthens Joey and Chandler’s friendship, thus making it an all around good episode.

4. “The One With the Football” (Season 3)

This episode of “Friends” focuses on the classic Thanksgiving tradition: Football. The hilarious feuds between Monica and Ross as they fight for the Geller Cup, and between Chandler and Joey as they fight for the Dutch girl add for much excitement and entertainment to the episode. The revival of the classic Thanksgiving episode, after skipping an episode in season two, is much appreciated by the audience and lays the groundwork for the tradition to continue throughout the series. 

3. “The One With The Rumor” (Season 8)

With special guest Brad Pitt, the friends embark on a trip to the past as they learn about rumors spread about them in high school. This hilarious episode includes the introduction of the I Hate Rachel Club, Joey eating an entire 19 pound turkey, and it gives insight into the lives of Monica, Ross, and Rachel as high schoolers. 

2. “The One Where Ross Got High” (Season 6)

To celebrate Monica and Chandler’s first holiday living together, they host Thanksgiving for the gang and Monica and Ross’s parents. However, the Gellers are unaware that Monica and Chandler are living together because they hate Chandler and Monica does not want to tell them. Throughout the episode, Chandler attempts to figure out why they hate him and win over their love so they can tell them they are living together. This iconic episode serves to once again illustrate the chaos of family Thanksgivings and is absolutely funny. 

1. “The One With All The Thanksgivings” (Season 5)

The episode begins as the friends have finished their dinner and are sitting around the living room. To pass the time, they reminisce on previous Thanksgivings. With a hilarious tribute to their friendship, including Joey getting a turkey stuck on his head and Monica chopping Chandler’s toe off, the episode contains many memorable moments. Lastly, Chandler tells Monica he loves her for the first time, making it overall iconic, essential to the plot and a landmark in Chandler and Monica’s relationship.