The ultimate secrets of Frank Oceans newly published songs


Here is my thought process on Oceans released songs from the silhouettes shown.

Faith Blankemeyer

After almost four years of radio silence of a new album, Frank Ocean has dropped two new tracks. The two tracks, “DHL” and “In My Room”, are both psychedelic and whimsical tacks. These are different from any other mood fans have heard before, with a more upbeat and club vibe. 

Recently Ocean opened his own exclusive nightclub called PrEp+ in New York City. The name is a nod to an antiviral drug for HIV/AIDS, which was created around a decade ago. 

Frank Ocean, an openly queer artist, has created massive strides for the LGBT+ community and mainstream music that openly discusses it. 

Many have criticized him for the naming of the establishment, however, Ocean posted through his Tumbler account that he was only trying to spread awareness for the drug and its positive impact since the debut in the market.

With the drop of two new tracks, this has fans excited about the possibility of a new album. Frank Ocean fans who are a part of his “Cult,” are theorizing many ideas of when the album will release. I created my own personal theory, which is depicted above. Although he has released singles, I think there will still be quite a delay on the album. If there’s one thing Frank fans know its that he likes to keep the masses waiting. 

Many people have theorized from his latest tracks when the album will release. At the bottom of each newly released track, there are silhouettes that are outlined. 

These outlined images are the same picture as the track. “DHL” has seventeen silhouettes and “In My Room” has thirteen shown at the bottom of the album art. This leads fans to believe that the four remixes he released will be the additional four (silhouettes or tracks) seen in the “DHL” art. This means that the album that will sooner or later be released, will most likely have thirteen songs.

These four single remixes are “Dear April,” “Cayendo,” “Little Demon,” and “In My Room.” All of these remixes were previewed on Oceans public Instagram, and full versions were later released on his website. Respectively each remix was sold on his website for 15 a piece on seven-inch vinyl. As of now, all are sold out.