School uniforms will make school a better place for students


Lauren Kiernan

Clothing trends are constantly changing. One week it is flared pants, the next it is skin-tight jeans; there is never just one consistent trend. It is hard to walk through the school halls and feel as if everyone is staring because someone does not fit in with the newest trend.  Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that no one cares about what clothes other people are wearing? 

School uniforms should be implemented in every school so no student would feel the stress of trying to fit it. Many students would say that they do not feel obligated to follow the new trends, but even if helping the handful of students that do feel stressed about what they wear feel more comfortable in school then it would be worth it. 

There are two sides to this statement, however.

School uniforms establish a sense of equality, that no matter how much money your family might have, you will not feel left out in what you wear because everyone will be wearing the same things. According to American Prepatory schools, there have been numerous studies done that show uniforms have decreased the amount of bullying done in schools.

Also, along with equality, there has also been an increase in good behavior and attendance. You no longer have the issue of kids being called out of class because their skirts are too short or their pants are falling down because the are too baggy. Uniforms will allow students to stay in class and be able to provide all their attention to the teacher and what they are learning.

Some people feel that uniforms allow for personality to show, but others do not. According to the administration at Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Florida, uniforms do not allow for students to express themselves and it could make the school even more unbearable (for some). They say it is already hard for most students to get out of bed in the morning, and making them put on uniforms could just make it worse and even deter them from coming to school.

Not only can you still express yourself in a way through school uniforms, but there are also other benefits to have them. 

According to two researchers from the University of Nevada, Reno College of Education, over fifty percent of seventh and eighth graders still feel as if they have an identity when they wear school uniforms. Since these twelve and thirteen-year-old kids feel that uniforms can still be personalized. If they are put into uniforms starting at an early age, then they’ll be used to them by high school. 

Overall, school uniforms would be beneficial to all students worldwide. You can still express yourself on the weekends with whatever you wear, to school sporting events you could individualize yourself and even on social media; but in the school building, it is shown to decrease multiple of issues that are seen in almost every high school.