New school year sparks changes with Homecoming celebrations


Last years sophomore class float (BluePrints photo/Emily Gold).

Molly Wilson

Homecoming week is usually defined by the themed days, the parade, the floats and the bonfire; however, this year’s celebrations are going to look different as the school has decided not to include the bonfire as a major event. 

In past years,  the parade started downtown and finished at the high school on the Wednesday before the game. Each class built a float based on a common theme.

Now the parade will take place at the Friday night football game. The court will ride in golf carts and the fall sports teams will be introduced and walk the field as well. 

The change resulted from a lack in participation with the parade. 

“Nobody comes to parade,” said student council adviser Tierra Cramer. “They have to shut down the street and get GPD involved. It’s a lot of effort for something that isn’t highly populated.” 

In past years, a bonfire followed the parade, and there will be no bonfire this year.

“It makes sense that they would stop doing it. Not many people attended,” Said Senior Morgan Roof. 

Another addition this year comes in the form of pennants. Each grade this year is in charge of decorating a pennant that corresponds to their assigned theme. According to an email from student council adviser Tiera Cramer, the overall theme for the pennants is “Celebrating Holidays.”

The freshmen are assigned St. Patrick’s Day, sophomores have Valentine’s Day, juniors have Halloween and seniors have the Fourth of July.

These themes will also have a place to shine on Wednesday during spirit week. On Tuesday the school dresses in beach wear. On Wednesday the grades dress in their theme, Thursday is jersey day and Friday is shades of blue. 

“I believe that this homecoming will be the best yet. I like that this is a more traditional style. Including the sports teams and having it all on Friday night,” Said Senior McKenna Beitzel.