Yearbook staff decides to make changes to new edition


Molly Wilson

The yearbook staff has made a few changes to the upcoming senior section that will influence the look of the student-produced publication. 

These changes include the addition of senior tributes and eliminating baby pictures from the senior section of the yearbook, according to yearbook staff member Emily Gold. 

The decision to eliminate yearbook pictures resulted from a lack of participation from seniors with providing their baby pictures to the yearbook staff. 

“Not every student turns in a baby photo and it causes the portrait pages to look unbalanced and it draws attention to those students who do not turn in a photo,” said yearbook adviser No’el Fortner. “It should allow for a more streamlined look in the portrait section.” 

Senior tributes are a way for parents to buy advertisement space in which they can personalize a message dedicated to their children who are graduating. Prices range from a few hundered dollars for a full page to under a hundered for a small block of space. 

The money made from tributes goes into the yearbook fund, which they use to Balfour to offset the printing costs so they can offer the yearbook at a lower rate.

“Senior tributes will allow for parents to say one last goodbye or good luck that will be remembered forever,” said senior Trevor Crumley.

The yearbook staff thinks that the increased focus on senior tributes will increase the quality of this edition.

“I’m excited for the changes,” said senior yearbook staff member Madie Menz. “It’s going to be a great improvement. Especially with the senior tributes, which are going to be a great way to focus on the students and who they truly are.”