Bringing Film Club to the big screen


English and Film Literature teacher Mrs. Mullins’ film collection in his room. Photo courtesy of Grace Portzline

Grace Portzline

A love of film inspired seniors Nick Williams and Shane Whitehead to start a film club to share their interest with others in the school. With English teacher Keith Mullins as adviser, they plan to watch a variety of genres and compare them to one another. 

The high school has hosted many variations of film club throughout the years, but people seem especially eager to sign up this year. Williams and Whitehead are thrilled and surprised that 50 people have signed up.

The club will be mostly focused on watching films and later criticizing them, but Williams is also hoping to be more interactive.

“I am excited to hopefully show a classic film in the high school auditorium,” Williams said.

Williams and Whitehead are very open to ideas of films to watch and various activities the group could engage in. The club leaders are looking forward to watching movies specifically by Tarantino however Williams says he “can find something to love in every genre.” 

Fortunately, starting a club at GHS is fairly easy.

“The whole process was really easy and should not seem intimidating to anyone wanting to start a club,” Williams said.

The pair reached out to their film teacher asking him to participate. Mullins will be fairly active in the club but he will not be at every meeting because some of them will be held at a group members’ homes, according to Williams. Mullins has advised many film clubs in the past.

Williams got the idea for the club in late summer, when he posted a poll on his Instagram asking the question: “What’s your favorite movie” He looked over the responses and even submitted his own response. Viewing his Instagram story, Whitehead reached out to Williams in hopes of co-creating the club and, as Williams says, “the rest is history.”