District hires ten high school staff members


Kennedy Ogden


The district hired ten new employees to teach various courses at the high school. 

The new positions to high school  include two new intervention specialists, two mathematics teachers, one English teacher, an art teacher and an athletic director. 

Courtney Tinnel is the new art teacher replacing,Ms. Kinsley after her retirement. Caleb Slavinsk and Julie Brison are new to the mathematics department. Sarah Van Valkenburg working in the English department. Also, Sean Rainey and Patrick Reilly are the new intervention specialists. Lastly, gained Max Bertane as the Technology Integration Coordinator and Josh DeVoll as Athletic Director. Lastly, Jim Green as the study hall advisor. 

“I see the new staff members come about as a way to help them and or students bring about new qualities through personality, character, work ethic and social skills,” said senior Chrisitan Rogers.  “I think them being new not only gives them a chance, but as well as the students and other staff members they work with, a chance too.” 

Van Valkenburg explained her fears going into her first day. Students don’t realize that new teachers get the first day jitters. Although teachers have plenty of experience adjusting to a new school is difficult. 

“I honestly wondered if students would like me, and what kind of place I would have,” Van Valkenburg said. 

As for students, like senior Frances Goodwin, they seem very eager to experience a new teaching style. 

“This year, for me, is really all about organization and change and it seems like the same thing is happening here,” said Goodwin.