Runyan returns to her roots to help Hoben


Lauren Kiernan

Retired math teacher Renee Runyan will fill in for math teacher Sue Hoben, who will be out for an extensive period of time due to a Sept. 6 surgery.        

Hoben has had severe back pain for years, but it has never been as intense as it is now and lasted as long as it has. Because of this long-lasting pain, she decided to take a step forward in healing herself after an MRI showed that severe arthritis has built up in her back and surgery is required to fix it.

“I had attended a few teacher workdays and realized that there was no way that I would be able to get through the school day,” Hoben said. 

Because the type of surgery Hoben has to receive–a removing of bone and bone spurs to give the spinal cord and nerves some room, and a fusion where the surgeon will add in bone grafts or sometimes screws and rods to hold the spine stable– she is unsure when she will come back.

Recovery from a surgery requiring fusion may take three months or so to heal,” Hoben said.  

Runyan decided to step in and be the long-term substitute after Hoben reached out to her to see if she was willing to come out of retirement. 

From there, the decision was ultimately up to the administration so Hoben contacted them with this solution and they agreed. 

“Their reaction was one of relief and agreement,” Hoben said, “ With such short notice, it was the best possible solution given my situation.”

Despite receiving this news one and a half weeks before the school year started, Runyan said she feels no pressure since she has worked with Hoben in years past and will continue to do so even while she is recovering. 

“I was somewhat excited,” Runyan said. “It was almost like coming home.”