School tests new Advisory schedule


Senior students Rudy Bradley and Zak Taylor regard the schedules (Gavin Robinson/BluePrints)

Gavin Robinson

Advisory is an extra period that will provide students and teachers with thirty minutes of work and study time, taking place between second and third periods.

At other schools, Advisory might be called something else, such as homeroom or intervention. However, the core concept is the same. 

We think about this as providing time and space for students to slow down, get organized, and cross something off their to-do lists” principal Matthew Durst said. “We think students will benefit academically and emotionally by adding this time and space that advisory provides”. 

Although it provides more studying time for students, some students are apprehensive about yet another schedule change.

“I think it’s an unnecessary change to our already complicated schedule” said junior Tommy Mcenery.

Other students are not bothered by schedule changes, and think Advisory will be helpful.

I think the schedule changes are fun” said senior Dylan Bank. “It adds a lot of spices to the school day, in fact I look forward to a schedule change”.

Advisory is scheduled roughly once a month. While there are no specific plans to expand the number of Advisory days, Durst has expressed his willingness to consider student and teacher feedback. 

“Based on how this year goes, we will re-evaluate things in the spring and summer and make any necessary adjustments. Specific to the idea of adding more advisory periods per month, I can say that we have not yet jumped into that conversation with the concept being so new still”.