Renovations across school grounds


Faith Blankemeyer


With money from the permanent improvement levy, the district made several major improvements to the high school building over the summer.

Students are likely to notice such improvements around the school including  upgraded sprinkler systems, parking lot paving, new rooftop units and stairs. 

According to the district website,“There are four main purposes for voted school district levies: Current Expense, for the general operations of the school district. Emergency, for the general operations of the school district. Permanent Improvement, generally for maintenance of the physical plant. Bond, for site acquisition and building construction.” 

All of the renovations that can be seen walking around the property fall under permanent improvement and current expenses.

The process which a renovation is approved is lengthy and requires many people for the go-ahead. 

“All goes through Tonya Sherburne, director of human resources, and the board of education, work with a company called EBM (custodial),” Principal Matt Durst said. 

Repairs are an on-going, year-round process, according to Sherbourne.

“With facilities, it is a constant battle, it’s just like your house. You find things that go wrong and you need to fix it.”