Looking for the best places for last minute Prom pictures?


Josie DeCaro


Getting everyone to agree to on the best backgrounds for Prom pictures always difficult. Below is a list of different places around the community that are the most popular and suggested areas for Prom pictures. Each suggested area contains a brief overview of where it is located, what is offered in this area and how busy it tends to be.

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Bryn Du

The Bryn Du Mansion is one of the most popular places for both Prom and Homecoming. It is an Georgian-Federal style built in 1905. There are vast pillars in the front that are a great prop for picture taking. Bryn Du has many other barns and building surrounding it that make ideal backgrounds.

The buildings are all white and very aesthetically pleasing for pictures. The white base background allows for colors of both dresses and tuxedos to really stand out. Even the view from the Bryn Du Mansion facing Newark-Granville road is a great background of pictures.

“It has good lighting,” senior Shelby Wolfe said.

The light shining in from when standing in the shade of the front of the mansion creates the perfect lighting.

Keep in mind that Bryn Du is a very common place for Prom pictures and tends to be very busy so the opportunity for taking pictures may be limited but there are many other beautiful white barns surrounding it that are perfect for pictures. Scheduling Prom picture times does not really matter at Bryn Du because there are many parking places and different areas to take pictures.

Swasey Chapel

Swasey Chapel is located on the campus of Denison University. This chapel serves as a multipurpose area where many events take place from guest speakers to services. This beautiful piece of architecture was built in 1924. Its architecture consists of bedford limestone and Harvard brick laid. Swasey has vast white pillars in its opening which is a great backdrop for prom pictures.

The lighting is great for pictures under the shaded pillars and incase of rain or snow there is cover. The coverage of the overhang is sort of limited, so just be faster than the person next to you.

If you decide to take pictures at Swasey, arrive a little earlier than scheduled pictures due to very limited amount of parking spaces. It is also a very popular place for pictures and is always packed with parent and students. There tends to be limited room and there may be quite a few “photo bombers.” Looking at past pictures at Swasey there is always people in the background because there is always so many people there.

The Arcade in Newark

The Newark Ohio Arcade is a rundown shopping mall that has been turned into restaurant. It is a beautiful vintage setting that consists of a long hallway. Very limited amount of people decide to go there for prom pictures because it is not very well known. There is very articulate detailing of this structure with an A-framed glass ceiling that lets very much light in.

“Despite it being rainy and cloudy on Prom day last year the arcade was well lit because of the skylights which made for great pictures,” said senior Paris Arthur. “There is also lots of space with great back backdrops and benches for photos.”

Throughout this building there are many different props to pose on for pictures. There are also hanging baskets at times that bring some nice color to the white background of the white background.

There is no stress to picture taking times because they are open til 3 a.m. 

Dawes Arboretum

Dawes Arboretum is located in Newark, Ohio. Dawes is nearly 2,000 acres with many different gardens and plant collections. Dawes is not a very popular place for Prom pictures for Granville students because it is a bit of a drive, but other LCL schools go to Dawes for senior pictures, too.

There is so many places in Dawes to take pictures so it is not as packed. It is quite a walk to go find a place to take pictures but luckily there is a road that leads through Dawes so that it is easier to go to other locations. Make sure to schedule pictures a couple hours before 7 p.m. because it is a park and has a closing time.

“I enjoyed getting my Prom pictures there because of the beauty of nature,” said Kara Spence, a graduate from Heath High School.

Spence has been to Dawes many of times for both Prom and Homecoming pictures. There are many different places each time visited which creates the perfect opportunity for different backgrounds. The downside factor would be there is no covering if it were to rain, or God forbid, snow.