Super Bowl commercials push viewers to buy new products


Jason Reding


For many people, the Super Bowl is about the game. Two of the best teams in the world playing against each other for the greatest feeling in the world. 100 million people watching two teams do what they do best. But for others, the game is about the food and commercials. For those who don’t enjoy football, sometimes the commercials are what they look forward to all year. These were my top four favorite commercials of this year.

1. NFL 100

The NFL 100 commercial has some of the greatest plays, players and moments of the sport into one great funny commercial, which is why I ranked this commercial as my Number 1. This commercial allowed fans of all ages to connect with each other over amazing feats of athleticism and hard work while also allowing a good laugh at the same time. the commercial made fun of some of the players more noticeable quarks and screw-ups. From the immaculate reception to Odell Beckham famous one hand catch, this commercial got fans excited about the sport in the short time it had.


2. Pepsi

Pepsi takes home the second place finish with a star-filled commercial with household names Steve Carrel, Lil John and Cardi B  who played on the joke that some people are not okay with Pepsi because they like Coca-cola. This popular brand gave the viewers a commercial that gets them excited about the drink and brings in buyers quickly. The commercial appeals to the viewer’s humor and the easily known aspects of the stars to create a financial and comedic win for Pepsi.


3. Doritos

Doritos comes in on the top five list with prize-winning singers Chance the Rapper and the Back Street Boys introducing their new hot Doritos. This commercial mixed artistic videography and a catchy song with a snack that everybody loves. Doritos is trying to compete against other companies that are already in this trend of super spicy things and uses this quality commercial with a popular artist to try to put themselves on the market and boost sales.


4. Bubly

Bubly comes in at my fourth choice as Michael Buble, the talented singer, stars in Bubly’s newest commercial. This commercial made it onto my list because of its comedic play on words and the lightheartedness that it brings to the advertisement while also trying to get its product across to the viewers. In the commercial, the award-winning singer Michael tries to tell customers that the drink is named after him and even goes far enough to cross out the name with a sharpie and spell it differently. This commercial will gain traction for the company and boost sales because it appealed to the viewers without shoving a product down their throats.