REVIEW: Eat Up joins downtown restaurants with a new look on food

Jason Reding


When a small town like Granville, Ohio, a new restaurant must be ready for a heavy stream of students and families due to the popularity of the downtown area to come pouring through their door along with many compliments and criticisms. Eat Up, a new comfort food restaurant,is a welcome sight to the town as they continue to diversify the melting pot of restaurants downtown. Eat Up joins the downtown atmosphere and has moved into the upstairs loft of Whit’s.

The restaurant has a fun, homestyle feel with bright colors and shapes lighting the small room up. The restaurant, owned by a local Lisa Cholewa, serves foods that some people might never have heard of like a Lahvosh, a large Cracker-like bread with different toppings such as baked potato and bacon and caramelized onions. The menu also features everyday favorites like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I tried the Baked Potato Lahvosh, the Sweet Potato Fries, and the Brie Bruschetta that the restaurant will be releasing to the public soon. The Sweet Potato fries were very good with the perfect amount of salt to complement the sweet taste, The bruschetta was also good, which included brie apple slices, and honey and fig jam. The lahvosh was very good. I would describe it as a really thick soup on top of a warm cracker.

My favorite of the three meals I tried was the Brie Bruschetta and the Sweet Potato Fries. The meals had a unique combination that ended up surprising me and it is something I will order again.

The restaurant offers customers the options to get food delivered or order right there in the store. Right now the store is only open from 11 to 3, limiting the range of customers to non-students. They will need to extend their hours if they want to stay in business for the long run, unlike the recent Uber Burger.

When you walk into the restaurant it is a little hard to locate because it is on the top floor of the Whit’s building and you need to go into Whit’s.

I would recommend this restaurant to people who want to branch away from the everyday cheeseburger and fries or to people who want to support their local community, although the restaurant will need to extend its hours.