REVIEW: Prospect St. Smoothie serves up delicious but pricey smoothies


Molly Wilson

Prospect St. Smoothie’s Facebook page promises,  “Grab a smoothie and leave with a smile.” I did leave with a smile on my face, but my wallet frowning.

Prospect St. Smoothie is the newest establishment trying to find its place in Granville as a healthy option to the artificial and sugar filled smoothies that are popular among students.

They offer 12 smoothies and 3 smoothie bowls. Each smoothie is $7, and for an extra dollar they can add protein powder to your drink. Their smoothie bowls are $8, and you get to choose 4 toppings from an array of fruit, to granola and honey. Every extra topping is an additional $ .50.

They claim that their smoothies are all natural and organic, a refreshing element that encourages people to eat healthier; however, this is not my main concern. As a working, high school student, paying for my own food, the more important question that lingers in my mind is, why would I want to drop nearly $10 on a smoothie, when I can get one for under $4 at other places in town?

The storefront is simple and clean, this theme continuing inside. When you enter the focus is on the smoothies, nothing distracting from this fact. Minimalistic is a clean look, but I felt  underwhelmed upon entering.

I went on opening day, the wait I experienced could have been opening day glitches, but 15 minutes to make one smoothie felt like eternity.

These smoothies struggle with their identity. Is it just a simple smoothie? Or is it meant to be a meal, like Healthy Way? With similar prices, Healthy Way is meant to replace a daily meal with a protein shake that will fill the customer up. The smoothies that are offered on Prospect St. fail to fill the customer up.  

Their wide variety of smoothies offers different flavors and types of smoothies appealing to everyone that walks in. Their sunrise smoothie is my personal favorite. Bananas, pineapple, orange juice. It is a citrus delight. The flavor enriched in the smoothies partly compensates for the pricing, but I still felt like I had just made a dent in my wallet.

Prospect St. Smoothie is underwhelming and overpriced. It left me with a smile on my face due to the quality and taste of their drinks, but I was expecting a shorter wait and more reasonable prices.