Topgolf hits a hole in one


Josie DeCaro


Topgolf is a glorified driving range with bright colors and fun music. It is the perfect place for driving range practice, date nights or even fun with friends.

It was recently built in Polaris and had its grand opening was last month. Topgolf also includes a restaurant and a bar. As I walked into the large extravagant building with tall glass frames, the bright lights showing through grabbed my attention and made me even more excited to go in. The outside is just as beautiful as the inside.

This grandiose structure bustles with people day and night. The interior is statuesque is eye appealing and draws in much attention.

As I walked, a series of workers greeted me and directed me in the right direction, to either the restaurant or driving range.

The driving range consists of three levels, in each bay there is either a nice high top or comfy couch with a controllable heater over top to keep you warm even in the winter which is extremely convenient. There are large nets surrounding the range looking out over many miles of green.

Senior Alex Rizor starting off the game “Topgolf.”

I would suggest being on the upper levels for a beautiful view and I would recommend going to the 5pm to 12am session because you can see all the stars.

I am not a golfer. The least bit. In fact the first time I learned how to golf was at Topgolf. Since I do not have any clubs whatsoever, I was happy to learn that they have a set of clubs that you can rent and even a set at the bay that are for usage.

Topgolf is unlike anything I’ve ever been to. It is definitely nothing like a cheap putt-putt course that you find on vacations. I saw a lot of “advanced” golfers but it made me feel better that the golfer in the bay next to me struggled to even make contact with the ball. So, I didn’t really feel out of place at all.

I’m really not sure what was more fun: watching actual golfers score in the driving range or laughing at myself.

Even though if you are not a golfer it is still a good opportunity for friends to hang out and it’s even a fun date night spot for conversation starters and lots of laughs.

The part I really enjoyed was that at each bay there is a small screen with many different golf games to choose from and the driving range consists of different games. The one I played and is most commonly played is called TopGolf where the objective of the game is to hit the ball into any of the colored targets, and sometimes the colors of the targets change with the music. The targets span from 25 yards to 215 yards.

There are nine other games to choose from, most likely for others who are more advanced at golf than me.

To get a bay on the driving range from 9am until 12pm it costs $25. From 12pm until 5pm, it costs $35 for a bay and from 5pm until close, which is 12am, it costs $45 to rent a bay. These fees do not include drinks and food.

The restaurant was very large and the menu included American based foods such as wings, flatbreads, salads and deserts. I ordered the pizza flatbread, which was very delicious and I would definitely get it again. The prices were relatively cheap between $6.00 to $13.00. They even delivered the food and drinks to the driving range. I enjoyed being able to eat my food and watch my family hit in the driving range.