OPINION: Levy Failure Hurts Lunch Time Plans

Jason Reding


Due to the levy cuts and the loss of a librarian in the middle school, there is no eating in the library anymore and many students are very upset with the idea of finding a new area to eat lunch.

High school librarian Mrs. Gummere said that she has to go to the middle school to cover that position. the library is now closed during the lunch periods because no teacher covers her position.

A library is a nice place to each lunch quietly. Students also use their lunch period as a chance to get work done in a quiet and peaceful work environment.

The library is an important place where seniors can go hang out with friends and get away from the underclassmen. As a junior, the library was a place that I could go hang out with people in the glass room watch March Madness on the big tv and eat my lunch.

The library should should be open at lunch as an option for students who want to do work and hang out.

The school needs to replace the middle school librarian to reduce the work and stress on Mrs. Gummere by having to fill that role and allowing the students to return to the library to eat their lunches.

Granville school districts earned an A on their overall report card for the state and was the only school in the entire county to earn above and B.

part of the reason that we earned such a grade was the overall success of our schools libraries who help with everything from english to planning homecoming ideas.

They are there for the students in every way possible and that plays a major role in the overall rating of the school district.

A district that does so well academically should shave a librarian in all of the schools so students can achieve their best possible outcomes.