Citizen Aid Stations placed in schools as a safety precaution


Sarah Carpenter


The district placed new safety precaution boxes, called “Citizen Aid Stations” inside each of the school buildings just this past summer.

Just prior to the start of a new school year, Principal Matt Durst was made aware of a new safety feature that could be utilized in many public buildings. The “Citizen Station” is designed to treat wounds that occur in several emergency situations, and contains eight public treatment kits.

“These boxes are sort of like upgraded ‘go buckets’ that sit on the walls,” Durst said. “What first responders were seeing, were as they were coming through the schools in times of crisis, the classes were stocked with materials, but there was never anything in the hallways. We wanted to change that.”

One of the Citizen Stations is located at the top of the main staircase, and a downstairs location for the second one is being settled upon.

“Ideally, it would be nice to have one in the West Wing upstairs, the West Wing downstairs, the main academic area, the Commons and just sprinkled out around the school,” said Durst.

These new Citizen Stations come as a result of the growing number of emergencies that occur in schools each year.

“Our ultimate goal is to keep all students and staff safe in any situation,” Durst said.