Chrome Dome open on first floor to help students


Micah Organ


Starting this school year, students can go to the Chrome Dome, which is next to the library, to get any Chromebook questions answered.

“We wanted a tech presence downstairs,” systems administrator Eric Thompson said. He added that the Chrome Dome was meant to truly be for the students.

Last year was the first year that every high school student received a Chromebook. The Chrome Dome came as a direct result of the problems that arose at different points last year. While this technology is usually reliable, there continue to be questions about Chromebooks into this year. Thompson has already helped several kids answer questions about the functionality of their Chromebooks. Questions pertaining to logging on, student email and password-related issues have already been addressed in the Chrome Dome.

“Any questions except ones about Schoology” can be answered in the Chrome Dome, according to Thompson.

Thompson went on to say that he redirected students with Schoology questions to Evan Mcculough in the STAR room on the second floor. The STAR room is still operational, but the staff there specialize in general technology-related questions that are not Chromebook-specific. In addition to answering Schoology-related questions, the STAR room can fix teacher laptops, projectors and SMART boards, and, in some cases, Internet connectivity.

In regards to the name “Chrome Dome,” senior Wanling Baker believes that the name is “catchy,” and “seems like something GHS would produce.”

The name was created by Thompson over the summer. It caught on among faculty, and the name stuck into the school year.

“The name is catchy, also a little cheesy, but I think that’s good,”. Junior Anya Mitton-Fry stated. She had not visited the Chrome Dome yet, but she said she is “glad it’s there, and [she] think[s] it will help a lot of people,”.