Office staff juggles positions to cover front desk


Liam McCamish

BY LIAM McCAMISH (“20) Photo Credit (Liam McCamish)

Due to budget cutbacks after the Earned Income Tax failed in May, the district eliminated one office position and rearrange staff to cover front desk at the start of the school year.

Front desk secretary Tiera Cramer was moved to a vacant study hall monitor position, and her former position was not filled. Because of this certain people in the office now fill in for her on a day to day basis. Whoever is available fills that spot when needed.   

“The levy is up again for vote in November, so hopefully when that passes it will be filled again,” Bobbi Siedell, one for the three people covering the front desk, said.

If the levy passed in November then the school does not have to focus so much on saving money, but for now, it’s the school’s biggest task.

“It was a money saving opportunity for the district,” Principal Matt Durst said. “Let’s not fill that position, let’s save that salary, again because we did not pass that levy in May.”

The current office staff is covering the position when it is needed. The three people who are covering the position when need are Bobbi Seidel, Kathy Frank, and Ann Verraso

 “There are people at the front desk right now, but its juggled between three different people so it’s very inconsistent,” Cramer said.

Cramer explained how she was “a little torn” by leaving the front desk and moving to the study hall. She explained how now she gets to talk with students, which she enjoys very much.

This was a move the administration had to make, according to Durst. They did not cut anyone from the staff team, rather moved some people around and did not fill the open position.  This way instead of paying someone to take that spot, the school chose to just have people who already work in the office work the front desk when needed.

“It’s not ideal but it’s not the end of the world,” Durst said.