“Annie” lives up to the hype


“Annie” posters decorate the school hallways in honor of the cast. Picture provided by Kenzie Chesrown.

Kenzie Chesrown


“Annie” was a play to remember this spring. With a dedicated cast– including an adorable dog– this performance was one of the best shows performed by the school. The orchestra was amazing; the soundtrack was beautifully portrayed throughout the show. Each performance was spot on, and the singers were equally as talented.

Annie was played by junior Anna Dunham. Her voice and acting skills were perfect for the character. “A Hard not Life” was one of the strongest performances of the night. The orchestrated dance was cute, feisty, and unforgettable.

The cast of orphans were full of girls of all grade levels, and together they illustrated the bonds of friendship between themselves and Annie.The scenes of the orphanage included a lifelike set where the orphans lived their daily lives. Their guiding force included a cruel woman named Ms. Hannigan.

Hannigan, portrayed by senior Kate Guiney, was a strong character. Guiney held an energy all the whole audience could feel.

This play makes you laugh and cry as you follow Annie’s journey. Her positive outlook about the possibilities of tomorrow and the days that follow spread throughout the theater,

“Annie” is a play that puts the audience in a kindhearted, appreciative mood. Any performance that has that kind of power, is a play worth seeing.

The school’s production was amazing and deserves all the recognition it gets.

Full of a talented cast and a crew to match, “Annie” is one of the most memorable shows the theatre department has constructed yet.