He said, She said: Working out for the summer body


Keegan VanMeter


He Said,

Working out is a big part of most people’s lives, or at least they would like it to be. But, the way the guys workout tends to be much different than girls. A typical workout for a guy involves lifting heavy weights, knocking out some core, and maybe doing some aerobic work. Guy’s objective when lifting is to gain mass and become stronger in order to perform better in sport or to look better. This is different than girls, because their objective is to become more toned.

“I feel like after a good workout, my muscles are fatigued which is good because it means that they will rebuild bigger next time” said junior Tommy Wolfe. After a great workout, your muscles will be extremely tired, which is why it is important to eat a good meal with lots of protein after lifting.

“Core is always a must when i workout because it is a key necessity to every major lift” said junior Cooper Campbell. Whenever you are performing a heavy lift, core must always be engaged to keep you from getting injured, therefore it is good to have a strong core.

“When I lift, im looking more for power and explosion, which will translate to football” Said junior Trent Compton. Being able to be very explosive will always translate well to sports, however will not change the way you look.

Another major key for guys when they lift, is flexibility and loosing up there muscles. If your muscles are tight when you attempt to lift heavy weight, you will most likely get hurt and have to sit out. Another reason why it is important to be flexible is so that you can maintain good speed, which is a key asset to most sports.

“I’m always trying to lift heavier, but speed is my biggest thing” Said junior Brandon Haley. Being able to lift a lot is always good, but speed is just as important. Therefore, you always need to train both of these in order to be the best overall athlete


Girls are always wanting the perfect summer body. Whether it is better abs, booty, or legs, their is always something a girl wants to improve. With the models in today’s world always having the perfect body, girls are constantly trying to achieve their body. This can be stressful to most girls, however the best way to achieve the perfect body is by working out on a regular basis.

“During the spring i workout a lot more and i do specific exercise so i look better in the summer” Said senior Riley Bruck. Riley is a swimmer, so she is always working out however during the spring she does more lower body exercise so that her legs and booty are toned.

“The best way for me to tone my legs is by going on a nice run” said junior Bernice Chesterson from Licking Valley. She is always looking to better herself by physical activity so that she is always looking her best.

Another great way to ensure that your body is in tip top condition is by eating healthy all the time. Eating healthy will not only make you look better, it will also help you feel better throughout the days.