The Weakness of our Student Section

Cam Crouch

I am going to be brutally honest in this piece, and that is because there is one pet peeve of mine as a student athlete, and that is our student section.

By not playing basketball this year, I had the opportunity to attend a few of the games and be a part of the student section.

There was a lot of talking back and forth between people within the crowd. There was no energy, no enthusiasm and very little cheering at all. There was very little in attendance also.

In the past, the Granville student section has been one of the best student sections in central Ohio. Although, at times the kids got a little carried away, they were always locked in when the ball was bouncing on the court, or when the football was snapped.

Yes, I understand that it is nice to stand with your friends and just watch the game. Although, if you are going to do that, then there are plenty of places you should sit other than the student section.

The purpose of a student section is to be loud and active. You, as students, are different than the average fan who is coming to the game.

Students have the opportunity to perform synchronized chants, stomp on the bleachers, clap in sync and make as much loud noise as possible.

Kids can even heckle with the other team to try and get into their heads. By doing this, there is a possibility to mess them up or make them overwork and slip up.

Creating a loud environment makes the game so much better also. As a player, you can feel the energy throughout the gym and the field. Especially if you are the home team, it gives you an adrenaline boost as a player.

A varsity athlete, Junior Cooper Campbell, said “When I’m on the field, and the crowd is being loud and obnoxious, it gives you such a different feeling to the game.”

This is something that every athlete can relate to while playing. It is a different type of feel when the crowd is at its loudest point.

Honestly, all you have to do is chug some pre-work out and get out there and yell. Avoid the profanity, though, as this will upset the fans, your teacher, your principle and possibly your own parents.

The turnout of the student section translates to success, although it may not seem like it. Traveling two hours away for a game is not only a long ride, but if you show up to the gym and it is jam packed with the opposing teams crowd, you will begin to feel the nerves a bit as a high school athlete. Having some familiar faces within the crowd certainly helps out, on top of the support that they give you.

As an athlete for Granville High School, I honor and respect the love and support from all our fans. It is highly and greatly appreciated by not only me, but every single athlete in the building. As fans, you make Friday Night games so much easier for a player to come out and perform at their highest level. And for that, I thank you.

Although, as a student section, there needs to be more hype. There needs to be more energy. I know there are some loud and wild students at Granville High School. I just hope that this upcoming fall season is as loud and obnoxious as it has been in the past.