Village Coffee Company remains a town favorite


Alyssa Christian


Village Coffee Company in downtown Granville, Ohio is a town favorite. Open since 1994, Village Coffee has brought delicious drinks and many smiles to those who go.

Recently, I got a frozen Milky Way from Village Coffee and didn’t regret it a bit. The Milky Way is listed as an espresso drink and is a cafe mocha with hints of caramel drizzled throughout.

When I took my first sip, the sweetness of the caramel mixed with the richness of the mocha created the perfect combination to wake me up and have a good start to my day.

Each time I walk through the doors of Village Coffee, I am met with smiling baristas who are happy to take my order and ask how I am. Furthering the warm atmosphere is the small-town feel that the coffee company emits from within with comfortable seating and a nice view of the quaint, welcoming town.

Although the town is small, the menu cannot be listed as such. It includes a vast amount of options that the customers can choose from, but not an overwhelming amount. There are a wide variety of food options and several different coffee drinks, smoothies, and teas.

Village Coffee never fails to satisfy, and if you are ever looking for a coffee shop to sit and relax, Village Coffee is the place to go.