Did Bachelor Arie make a BIG mistake? OPINION


Arie with Lauren after the seasons finale and Arie’s big break up.

Sara Mills


This season on the bachelor, 36-year-old Arie attempts to find love among 29 bachelorettes. However, this season ended like no other season before; Arie proposed to Becca whom he believed was the more logical choice for his future despite his greater infatuation with Lauren. Arie quickly learns soon after the engagement that he chose wrong and went back for Lauren.

Arie was faced with a difficult decision that was being observed by millions around the U.S. Because of this outside pressure and his families lean towards Becca, Arie ignored his heart and listened to his head that decided Becca was a more practical choice for the kind of future he wanted.

Becca was a safe choice. She was confident in who she was whereas Lauren kept a close guard on her heart and didn’t open up fully until the very end. Arie saw this guard as uncertainty and doubt about their relationship, therefore Lauren was a risky choice even though he loved her more deeply.

Arie proposed to Becca even though he had an immense amount of internal conflict that he felt he had to shove away due to the worldwide audience expecting a ring. Arie believed once he left with Becca the yearning for Lauren would eventually leave and he could start his life with a stable relationship.

Only, as we all know, if you don’t follow your heart you will never find true happiness. Arie then breaks off the engagement as well as the relationship with Becca in order to find Lauren again and mend his mistake. Lauren happily takes him back understanding his internal conflict.

After this season finale aired, Arie has received an overwhelming amount of hate. In some severe cases, he has also received death threats. There is a distinct line between having a respectful opinion and being cruel.

Arie did what many do everyday: he followed his head based off his families influence and was left unhappy when he refused to follow his heart. It was extremely unfortunate that Becca’s heart broke in the process of him coming to this realization, but it was never Aries intention to hurt her.

Arie made a mistake and sincerely felt upset over how Becca felt, yet he was not sorry for choosing Lauren in the end since they are very happily in love now. I believe everyone should wish the best for people, even the ones who have wronged another. Because at the end of the day we have all made mistakes.

The show’s purpose is to find the love they have always been searching for. Arie loved because but her was in love with Lauren. I cannot imagine the pressures one must feel to create a well rounded healthy relationship that is broadcasted for all to see.

They say to never judge someone until you have walked in their shoes, and I think nobody can judge someone whose circumstance is so complicated. Especially will today’s social media, everyone lives online and many have access to directly insulting Arie.

I’m not saying Arie was right in what he did, I’m saying it was a mistake so many often make and it is unfortunate he is being treated so differently just because he is a reality TV star. That hate is what fuel all the bad things happening today.

If we want less violence, bullying and hate, we must first reflect on our own being. There’s already so much hate in this world, why empty such negativity on people whom we don’t even know. It is nonsensical and atrocious.