Influenza hits Granville hard this winter


Sara Mills


Influenza, most commonly called the flu, has hit hard in Granville recently creating absences in the classroom for both students and teachers. After being affected by this epidemic myself, I know just how brutal and relentless this illness is to the body; shivers, congestion, sore throat, fever and a ‘heavy head’ are the most common signs of this monster.

After talking with junior Emily Stachler who has been recently greeted by one of the flus many soldiers, she reflected on her internal battle as “unexpected.” Emily was under the impression  that the usual symptoms for the flu were an upset stomach, fever, and vomit. So, it was a unhappy surprise when she was diagnosed with influenza (a.k.a. the flu).

Many victims who have been affected by the flu usually leave it untreated for days thinking it is probably just a common cold. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this strand of flu are similar to the symptoms for a common cold. This makes things only more difficult for those trying to restore their health again.

It isn’t until these symptoms escalate resulting in fevers, body aches and painful sore throats that victims of this virus finally realize it is anything but just a seasonal sickness. By the time this happens, it can take weeks before the patient is finally able to get better. The painful process to meet health at the finish line can result in time resting at home rather than time spent in working in school.

“When my daughter first got it we thought it might be strep throat, but it killed her to the point where sleep became difficult. I felt so bad for her and only wanted her to get better. After a doctors visit it was a great surprise to hear it was influenza,” says Vonda McDonald, mother of two students.

When I visited CVS pharmacy in Heath, I was looking for statistics on the demand for flu, congestion, and sore throat medication. While I was there I learned something shocking; so many people have been affected by this plague of a virus that they have been completely sold out in medication prescribed by doctors for the flu.

After seeing CVS, I decided to visit Newark’s walk in clinic to see just how many cases have been diagnosed as the flu. During my brief visit there I not only got information from doctors, but patients as well. However the information received from those waiting to be seen didn’t have to be verbal, the visual was enough to collect my data. The waiting room was stocked with ill patients all likely to be affected by the flu a women at the front desk said.


Now that the flu has become so prevalent around Granville,  it is easier to understand oncoming symptoms and what to do when they come on. It’s optimistic to assume the flu will just go away on its own, but seeing a doctor and receiving antibiotics will allow your healing process to be shortened in great length. Over the counter remedies such as neti pot, decongestants and other reliefs may also help add to your recovery time.

“It’s amazing what a simple decongestant did for me though, like I don’t think I would have been able to sleep without it. I cleared up within a few days and I still think that was due to the vapor rub and simple over the counter remedies,” says freshman Ella Porterfield.

But, like all illnesses, time and patience will always be a reliable cure. It’s hard not to want to get out of bed and hang out with friends, play sports and be active, but ignoring the illness itself will only aggravate and worsen it.