Students are excited for the upcoming Winter Formal dance


Riley Vradenburg

The winter months can be dreary, so this weekend’s Winter Formal will be a much needed diversion for students.

This year’s dance will be themed “a vintage winter formal.”

Although there was some buzz about the dance being moved to the study hall room, it has been confirmed with Secretary and student council adviser Mrs. Cramer that the dance will remain in the commons because “there is simply not enough space in the study hall room and too many risks with the glass and other features.”

Since 2015, the proceeds from Winter Formal dance have gone to a worthy cause, decided by the student council.

This year the proceeds will go towards either Licking County Aging Program, Honor Flight and possibly new couches for the senior lounge, according to Cramer.

“One of the sophomore girls originally brought it up,” Cramer said. “You never really see people fundraising for this cause around school.”

Students are looking forward to this Saturday, according to senior Sydney Super.

“It’s a more laid back dance compared to Homecoming,” Super said.

While Winter Formal takes place at the same location as Homecoming, it is more fun according to junior Natalie Thompson said. “It is less hyped up so for freshmen, it’s less scary,” Thompson said.

The dance strays from Homecoming in a multitude of ways.

“It’s a lot less fancy, and there is a pretty specific color scheme, where Homecoming includes brighter colors,” sophomore Abby Burkholder said.

Many places to find dresses and suggestions to eat at the day of the dance can be found in this map of local businesses:

However, like Homecoming, Winter Formal is an occasion that brings students together.

“I am really looking forward to my group because it’s so fun,” Thompson said.