Boys’ and girls’ basketball teams take on the playoffs



As the season is coming to an end for both boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, they are looking to finish off their seasons as strong as possible before the hardest, most competitive games get started. As both basketball teams charge into the playoffs they are looking to remain healthy, and prepare their bodies as best as possible to perform at the highest level they can while in the playoffs.

Our athletes are able to maintain their bodies throughout the season thanks to our great training staff. Granville has partnered with The Ohio State medical team in order to keep our athletes healthy. Steve Rose is our athletic trainer and he is always at the school tending to our needs as we may be injured or simply need some advice.

As we go into the playoffs, the boys know it will be a tough task to make it to the top, and all of the games will be hard games to win, but the boys basketball team is confident they will get far in the bracket. Currently ranked as 8th seed out of 22 teams, they will be playing the winner of the Bloom Carroll (record of 12-4), and Bexley (record of 6-11), game in the second round as they had a bye first round. If they advance to the third round, they will most likely be playing Beechcroft (19-1).

“We would rather play Bloom Carroll, but both are winnable games,” senior Jack Lonzo said. “If Bloom Carroll wins we will play them at home, but if Bexley wins then we play them at Bexley.”

“Beachcroft is one of the best teams, so we will most likely have to play them to get to district finals,” said senior Nick Windley.

Overall, the boys’ team has a record of 14-6 with a conference record of 10-2, which won them the conference.

“We have met or exceeded our expectations but lost close games that we should of won, but we have gotten closer as a team and I believe we can go far in the tournament if we all give 100% effort,” said Lonzo.

Girls are having a great comeback this year. Reaching their potential spot as district champions in the playoffs.

Seeded at 4th out of 22 teams, the girls will be playing Columbus South Urban Academy for their first round in the tournament.

“We played them about a week ago and won. Last year in the tournament we lost so it was a really big win for us,” junior Chloe Mulford said. “Both of our teams have the same amount of athleticism, but I believe we have more skill so, hopefully we will come out with a win.”

If they win, they will play the winner of Buckeye Valley (record of 15-6),  and Horizon Science (record of 4-4).Then the winner of that game will play Beechcroft (record of 12-10-1).

“The main goal for us is to win districts, so the outcome between the games can make or break us because it determines who we play next in the playoffs,” said Makinley Cramer.

Overall, the girls’ team has a  record of 16-6, with a conference record of 9-4, which secured them the league title.

“Winning the conference was nice, haven’t done that since 1986. Our program has grown a lot and our team is really coming together,” junior Madilynn Smith said.

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