Coffee to love in Licking County


River Road is the perfect place to have a coffee and relax (BluePrints Photo/ Kenzie Chesrown)

Kenzie Chesrown


Licking County has an array of options when it comes to coffee- from small, local shops to wellknown chains. An all time favorite of Granville and Newark is the River Road Coffee House. With a cozy interior and delicious drinks, sweets, and food, this is a must try for any coffee lover. Well-known drinks include: the riverroad, german chocolate, galaxy, and 1950s.

Another popular coffee destination is also found right in Granville: Village Coffee. With reasonable prices and delicious tastes, this coffee house has all anyone could ask for. Though River Road might have more options for drinks, Village Coffee has solid options as well as an array of lunch-time foods. Both Granville gems seem to hold anything one could desire for breakfast or lunch- and of course coffee is acceptable at any of those times.

A new coffee joint has opened up in Licking County that also offers a ton of options of tasty snacks and mouth-watering drinks: Coffee Shack. Located in Heath, it offers healthy and delicious avocado toast or, if you have a sweet side, cream cheese with berries. Those are just some of the many options Coffee Shack has to offer when it comes to tasty treats. Not to mention their delicious coffee.

Another newer coffee destination is the Country Club Coffee; located in Newark, this coffee house offers great deals and even better drinks. Country Club Coffee is both reasonable and delicious, a combo that any coffee lover can appreciate.

Licking County is also home to popular chains that can be located all throughout the US: Starbucks and Tim Hortons. The Kroger found in Newark contains a Starbucks of its own. Starbucks is often loved at college campuses state-wide, and in Licking County it is loved just as much in the grocery. Whether you go specifically for a sweet drink or bagel, or you happen to get hungry while shopping, this Starbucks is in the perfect location.

Tim Hortons is located in both Newark and Heath, and is a very well known source of tasty donuts. Whether you get a coffee or a coffee and one of their many sweets, one cannot go wrong. Licking County is a coffee lovers paradise, offering an array of options that are sure to quench any coffee related needs.