OPINION: Time to rethink Alumni Day


When my sister was a senior, I remember her telling me all about Alumni Day. How she pretty much spent the day passing her friends in college at school and having a blast talking to all of them about college. I was very excited to do the same thing when I knew alumni day was happening last week. Or so I thought.

With all the snow days and the delays, it was, sadly, cancelled. Alumni Day is made for seniors because we can ask people we know real questions about surviving our freshman year. Honestly, I just wanted to see all my friends one last time before they all went back to school.

I think many of our students have the same mindset as I do. We really look forward to seeing our friends again, not asking them about their freshman year. The good thing about the freshman is that they all came home for winter break, unlike juniors and seniors who maybe studying abroad, working, or living in a place of their own.

But the downfall of freshman: they aren’t as experienced as say juniors and seniors in college are. They can’t tell us about studying abroad or getting jobs on campus or internship opportunities, because no freshman has been able to do that yet.

Maybe the solution to making Alumni Day more successful for next year and the years after, is to change who Alumni Day is for and whom we invite.

Instead of it being for seniors, it should be for juniors. That way they can ask them about applying, or what majors they’re in, things like that. Alumni Day is made to help students feel better about applying to college and applying and test scores, and yet, seniors have already done those things.

As a senior, I believe that it may be more beneficial to make Alumni Day for juniors, and invite juniors and seniors in college instead of freshman. This way, our rising seniors can be more prepared and more knowledgeable about what college is truly like, and what they need to do to prepare.