He said, She said: The perfect movie date


Keegan VanMeter

She said


Have you ever been on a movie date and both of you enjoy it? Rarely does that ever happen. When it comes to movies and t.v shows, girls and guys have very different taste. Many girls are into the typical, chick flick movie that has romance, comedy or a female star that contains a strong role.

“My favorite movie would have to be ‘Girls Trip’ because it is a really good comedy, but it is also based around empowering women and has a strong message,” junior Alex Rosenberg said.

Girls like to feel emotions and when watching their favorite shows or movies, they get a sense of laughter, heartbreak, love and depending on the type of movie, they feel a connection to what they are watching and this is why girls love sappy movies that guys just do not prefer.

“I love watching ‘Gossip Girl’ because I feel like I know the main characters and I relate to them when I am watching each episode,” freshman Caroline Comisford said.

Even if a girl is not into a sappy, romantic, chick flick does not mean they do not like a powerful women that stands out in a film.

“I do not prefer super dramatic, girly films, but I love to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ because Meredith is a super confident and empowering women that inspires me to do great things too,” senior Riley Bruck said.

He said


Movie dates can be a great way for couples to have their first real date by themselves; however, sometimes it can be hard to “break the ice” and start up a conversation. It can also be very hard to get the perfect movie for both you and your significant other, as you may love comedy and she may love romance.

A classic movie that almost all guys love because of the great humor used in it is “Step Brothers” with Will Ferrell. This movie features two families that join together and the two sons of the families become step brothers, the movie has great humor and great use of cruel irony.

“My favorite movie has to be ‘Step Brothers.’ It’s got the perfect mix of comedy and reality,” said junior Ethan Tackett.

This is a great example of a movie that many guys would love, but many women would feel uncomfortable watching. It has a great amount of humor that guys love but girls find disturbing.

“I would say my favorite movie is definitely ‘Endless Love’ because of how romantic it is,” said junior Shelby Wolfe.

This movie is one that the majority of girls will love, yet most guys would find extremely boring, which can lead to a great dispute when she is trying to convince you to watch it.

Finding that perfect movie for you and your significant other to watch can be a great challenge, but the most important thing is that she is happy, therefore the “perfect” movie to watch will most likely be one that she loves and you do not.

“Well, Emily and i don’t watch movies too often but a TV show that we both love is ‘Siesta Key.’”

“Siesta Key” is a reality TV show that can be great for both guys and girls to watch. It has plenty of drama for the girls and plenty of funny moments for the guys.