Dog Club tackles animal cruelty


Keegan VanMeter


Around 6.5 million animals enter humane societies each year. Out of this number, about 1.5 million animals are euthanized each year. The goal of Dog club is to lower this number.

Dog club is a brand new club this year, and was created to help with animal cruelty. This club was started by three junior girls, Chloe Kirchhofer, Corinne Sutliff and Ashley Reed, all of which are animal lovers.

“I love animals so why not do what I can to help them, even if it may be just a small club at school,” said junior Chloe Kirchhofer.

She believes that everyone can have an impact on the issue of animal cruelty and she feels that anyone who agrees with her can have a voice and do small things like joining this club to help fight it.

One idea that this group has come up with is “Dollar for Doggos,” which would be a great way to raise money for the humane society which can have an even bigger impact on this issue then just a small club at school. Anyone in this club would be able to put signs up around the school in effort to encourage students to bring money in return for a small reward. This would continue for a couple days until the money is all collected and finally donated to the humane society for a good cause.

“I hope that other students next year and the year after we graduate will want to join and keep it going to hopefully make it something that really is bigger than just us three,” said junior Corinne Sutliff.

Their goal is to ultimately eliminate all animal cruelty and to raise as much money as possible in order to help all local shelters with saving as many animals as possible.