Hunting Club starts off with a bang


Hannah Musick


Hunting club is a new club started this year by junior Tommy Wolfe. The club is popular amongst the boys and there are fifteen members in the club. All of the members have put in a lot of work to start their club off with a bang.

The club was created to give guys and girls who love to hunt the chance to while having a healthy competition between friends. The only prerequisite for joining  the club is you need to know how to hunt, and you have to provide your own gear.

“For this winter we have been doing a free-for-all contest, where every member of the club tries to kill the biggest dear,” Wolfe said.

Right now Wolfe is in the lead, killing a 9.0 buck.

Hunting club has a very exciting hunting season planned for the spring. All of the club members will participate in a contest of who can hunt the biggest turkey.

“Hunting club is the best. It is a great way to hang with my boys while doing something I love,” said junior Ethan Tackett.

At the end of each hunting season the members get together to talk about what they want to do for the new upcoming seasons.

Wolfe and his club members hope to keep the new tradition of hunting club around and continue with it next year, gaining even more members.