Generals look to continue near perfect season


Elijah Smith


The Newark Generals have had a tremendous season thus far, with a record of 20-3-2.

Led by seniors Tyler Schroeder (27)  and Patrick Chaykowski (25)  who have combined for 52 goals so far this season. Those two do most of the scoring for the Generals, with help from Senior Will Danby (9) and Reece Trowbridge (12).

Senior Joe Rapp, has 11 assists on the season while Junior Nathan Chaykowski has 10. Sophomore Jack Bortle has 12 assists this year.  

Also, they have a pair of goalies who have played extremely well so far this season. Ryan Dickerson is the first part of the duo, he has 161 saves on the year with a 93.1% save percentage. Senior Alex Strouse is the second half of the duo with 212 saves and a 91.8% save percentage. Both goalies have had the net on lockdown and have helped the Gens to have such a great record.

Senior Patrick Chaykowski is a four year varsity player for the Generals. So far this year he has 25 goals and 13 assists.

“The season is going well, all of our lines are connecting well, and we have a very good chemistry between the team” Chaykowski said.

The Generals have 12 seniors on the team from Granville High School. So far all of them have been playing very well and have pushed the team towards success.

“I think we will win out the rest of the season, when we play our game no one can stop us.” Chaykowski said.

The generals have 11 games left in the season and then look to make a push for the state cup and eventually the national tournament.

“I think we will be very successful in the Blue Jacket Cup and we have a very good chance of going to nationals” Chaykowski said.

This is the final season on the ice for most of the team. The generals will look to finish out the season just as well as they started.