Granville’s place to be this month


Kids climbing the hill to go down again.

Sara Mills


Due to the latest snow falls that have taken place in Granville, a certain neighborhood has thrived off the new flakes. A hill that lies on Timberland Dr in Park Trails, a neighborhood just off of the Granville border, is booming with activity.

“Every day when I go to work they are there lined up ready to head down. Even when I come home around 6:30 pm kids still remain staggered along the hill with their sleds in hand,” Park Trails resident George said, a father to three who are already grown up and gone to college.

Kids gather together on the hill with their snowboards, sleds, or whatever they can find that skids on snow. Parents park their cars closely to the streets curb in order to slow oncoming traffic.

“It kind of worries me to see kids sledding on such a busy road, but between the parent’s watch and icy conditions, cars have slowed to a reasonable speed when passing, so it must be safe,” said Kelley Barger, a mother of three who lives in the neighborhood. “It’s amazing how many kids show up to sled! I didn’t even know we had that many kids living here!”

Kids will go for hours on this hill, even into the late night until their parents deem it time to come inside. Ramps have been handcrafted by the kids to enhance their overall experience. Ohio may not be that hilly, but Park Trails offers the perfect hill that’s great for all ages.