Girls’ basketball team regaining footing


Sara Mills


The girls’ basketball team has achieved a lot as a team already so early in the season. Though the team is young, with a lot of underclassman being brought up to varsity, the team is beginning to click as a whole increasing their chemistry on and off the court.

“We are a super young team with only three seniors, but the upperclassman have really stepped up to the plate and are playing really well,” junior Lauren Newkirk said.

In the beginning of the season, many players had some doubts about how the season might unravel. After losing a strong senior line and two valuable junior players, Erin Shoemaker and Jennifer Rush, from the previous year, the team had some major reconstruction to do in order to have a comeback.

“We started out not too hot with a losing record but the past couple weeks have been way better in practice and in games,” junior Paris Arthur said.

However, as the season continues to move forward so do the girls. Now, after a rough beginning, the Aces have regained footing and the game continues to grow increasingly more exciting. The girls have a strong defensive line that “slows down the other teams,” according to junior Chloe Mulford.

“I think we have a strong shooting accuracy and once we begin to combine that with our overall offensive flow it will make for a strong offensive line,” Mulford said.

The season continues to look up for the Lady Aces making the future exciting for the team, parents and students.