Ski Club bus breaks down at school, leaving some students unable to go


Alyssa Christian


As the weather cools and the snow falls, ski club winds up for another year out on the trails. Unfortunately, the beginning of their season did not start with an immaculate amount of luck. As soon as the bus began to start, it broke down at the school, eliminating the possibility for some of the students to go on their first ski trip of the season.

Jan. 7 was the day that the club members were expected to first hit the trails for the season.

Each year the club heads out to Snow Trails in Mansfield, Ohio, to go skiing. Snow Trails is widely known due to it having opened in 1961. Its features include skiing, snowboarding and tubing which leaves a multitude of options for the club members to choose from.

With approximately forty members in ski club, there is no denying that the students are excited to get started.

“Ski club is the bomb.” senior Jenna Hyman said.

Hyman is no stranger to the club. This will mark her fourth year being a member, and she cannot wait for the upcoming season.

“It’s my favorite thing about winter because it forces you to go outside even though it’s cold and embrace the snow.” Hyman said. “I’m a snowboarder and honestly it is such a fun hobby to have and I feel so edgy about it.”

Unfortunately, the ski trip did not start out as planned.

The bus immediately broke down at the school, altering plans for most of the students who had been excited to go.

“Well, our bus broke down at the school so only people who could find rides could go,” Hyman said.

Regardless of the bus breaking down, “for the people who went the snow was really good and it was a fun trip,” according to Hyman.

“The next trip is this Sunday,” Hyman said.

Luckily, the forecast is calling for another snow storm Friday into Saturday, leaving high hopes for good ski conditions.  

Sunday, Jan. 14 marks the day that the club members embark on another trip, and even if they have another unfortunate spout of luck with their travels, those who are able to attend are destined to have fun.