Coffee Review: Tim Hortons sure to satisfy


Alyssa Christian


Although Tim Hortons is a fast food chain restaurant, I am constantly impressed with its coffee.

My most recent buy was a mocha that I ordered at the Tim Hortons located in Heath, Ohio.

When the coffee was poured, the undeniable aroma of a hot cup of coffee filled the air. The sweet smell lofted over the counter and seemed to fill the empty spaces of the quaint cafe.  

When the cup finally arrived in my hand, I found a seat next to the window where I had the view of oncoming traffic to accompany me. I took the first sip of the warm mocha and could taste the sweetness of the hot chocolate mixed perfectly with the coffee. Unlike the majority of fast food restaurants, the coffee at Tim Hortons is rarely bitter and I was not disappointed with my recent buy.

I glanced out the window and even though it was just a small place in Heath, I imagined being in a large city.

Rather than seeing the string of cars that trickles in and slowly comes to a stop on Hebron Rd., those images were replaced by ones that accompanied the view of a large metropolitan area.

Suddenly I could hear the constant honking that typically erupted throughout the city on a regular basis and there were more people on the sidewalks, hurrying from place to place.

Although the distraction was nice, as I took my last few sips of the mocha, the images diminished and I was brought back to the small city of Heath.

Satisfied with my decision of choosing Tim Hortons on that dreary, winter Monday, I walked out the door and into my car, looking forward to my next visit.