Ice s’cream Review: The search for a Sweet Frog treat ends here


Jack McGonagle


If you need a new, creative place to enjoy a sweet treat, then Sweet Frog is a top choice. The store is in Newark at 1287 Log Pond Drive, right by Walmart and Chipotle.

At Sweet Frog, you serve your own frozen yogurt and pay by the ounce. They have multiple machines in the store and a huge toppings bar to dump on top.

I really loved the layout of the store. It was a very open space with the machines and toppings bar located on one side of the store, while the rest of the space was used for seating. This really  helped create a more spacious area within the store.

Sweet Frog allows the customers to be in charge of what they want. They get to come in and choose a cup, fill it with the flavors of their choosing, and then finish it off with a barrage of toppings. Once the customer has created their masterpiece, they go to the front counter and have it weighed on a scale so they can pay by the ounce.

The toppings bar was truly something special. It had fresh fruit, chocolates, syrups, candies, gummies, cereal, cookie dough, oreos, sprinkles, candy bar crumbles, and many other delicious desserts to enjoy with the frozen yogurt.

My flavor of choice was standard country vanilla. For the toppings, I went with cookie dough, chocolate syrup, oreos, pound cake, and chocolate chip cookies. The vanilla was a great base that really mixed well with all the other flavors. I loved how I could pile on the toppings because I filled half the cup up halfway with them.

The pricing is pay by the ounce, which is determined using the scale. They do have a rewards program as well that gives special offers, such as 10% off just for joining or a free 12 oz. cup after 10 visits.

Store hours for Sunday through Thursday are 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m on Friday and Saturday.

The logo is a work of art. It stands out anywhere it is seen because it has bright colors of green, pink and yellow. It has two frogs, one boy with a spoon in hand and one girl standing by him. Both are smiling, which overall gives it a very friendly and welcoming look. The store has a very similar friendly feel, because it has a color arrangement of  bright colors everywhere you look.

One special thing about Sweet Frog is that it has mascots that visit the store every so often. The mascots are the two frogs from the logo and they are just as friendly as they look. They make it fun for the whole family and especially fun for the little kids who wants pictures with them.

In conclusion, I really couldn’t find any downsides to the ice cream shop. Therefore, I gave it 10 scoops out of 10!