Art Club to update Ace mural


Kylee McFarland


Four years, a talented group of students got together, officially created the art club, and they’ve been creating beautiful murals throughout school ever since.

“In a typical meeting we go over the future projects like the holiday sale, organizing what people make and sell,” said club leader Karsen Mills. “We meet the second Thursday of every month after school at 3:00.”

The club has been meeting since the beginning of school year and have a pretty good idea of what they will be painting, but you’ll have to wait until they’re done to find out.

“Our largest projects are the holiday sale right before Christmas break, mural in the senior lounge, the underwater painting by the library and the picnic tables in the courtyard,” said Mills.

“At the end of the hallway on the first floor there used to be two murals and we’ll be updating the Ace mural,” said Mills.

In December, the club was given permission to sell handmade items during lunch. They sold candy sleighs, stickers, mugs, exam survival kits, stress balls, hot chocolate mix and a variety of snacks.

“The Christmas fundraiser was to raise money for more projects and it went pretty well,” said Mills.

Although all the works around GHS are paintings, the club members have a variety of different skills.

“It’s a small group all in various art classes,” said Mills. “We have kids from Art 1 to Advanced Art”.

Although they all specialize different classes they all have come to realize how much they have in common.

“We want people to appreciate art and understand how it ties people together,” said Mills. “I know I’ve made friends through it and it’s nice working with people that have that same appreciation.”