He said, she said: Finding the perfect Christmas gifts


Hannah Musick

He Said


Christmas is considered to be the greatest time of the year to some people. The gift exchanges, family gatherings and the outstanding food all contributes to this. Easily the hardest part of Christmas is finding the perfect gift for your significant other.

When it comes down to it, the guy does not necessarily care as much about the gift, as long as it coming from the girl, he will love it. Some of the best gifts can often be simple, sweet and thoughtful.

“I really don’t care what she gets me, i honestly just want it to be something i can always have” said Tommy Wolfe.

As long as she puts some thought into it and makes it memorable then the guy will always be happy.

Some guys would rather have their girlfriend take them somewhere, or buy them tickets to a game.

“I would love it if my girlfriend got me tickets to a cavs game or bought us tickets to a concert” said Ethan Tackett.

Each guy has a different opinion on how they would like to approach Christmas as a couple.

“The majority of the time, my girlfriend just gets me clothes or something simple that i can always use, this way i can not only cherish what she got me, but i can also use it” said Ben Blanchard.

After all of these examples, if you are still struggling you can always make something that you know she will love. Or print out some of your favorite pictures of you two, and write a nice card. There are many ways to please your girlfriend, but finding the perfect way is always a struggle, just know that no matter which idea you pick, she or he will love it.

She Said


Christmas is a great time to spend with family and friends. It is also a special time for couples to do fun holiday activities together and get eachother meaningful gifts that make one another happy.

Guys never know what to do when it comes to buying their girlfriends gifts or doing something romantic. This is a guide to help the lost boyfriends figure out what to get a girl for Christmas.

Some of the best gifts to get a girl is makeup, jewelry, shoes, and sentimental gifts.

“One of the best gifts I have ever gotten from a boyfriend is necklace with my first initials engraved into it,” said Meghan Wright.

Jewelry is always a good gift to get when it comes to getting a gift for your significant other.

“My boyfriend bought me rings two Christmases ago and I still wear them everyday, “ said Kinsey Miller.

Getting a physical present is not always the way to go. Many girls appreciate gestures or simples alternatives as well.

“Instead of buying a gift my boyfriend took me to a drive in movie and it was a super fun date,” said Emily Stachler.

Some gifts can be funny.

“I drew a picture and put it in a picture frame because we didn’t have any pictures together,” said Nick Windley.

If you are still struggling on what to get for your girlfriend there are many different, unique ideas. For example you could go to Lush or Bath and Body Works to get different things like lotion, body mist, bath bombs, and many other smell good items. Some favorites for the holidays include: Vanilla Bean Noel Candle- $12.95, Twisted Peppermint bath bomb- $6.95, Winter Candy Apple Lotion- $12.50. Many other products smell just as good and your girlfriend would love.

Another great gift idea is something sentimental. For instance making something instead of buying it. Some good sentimental gifts would include: Taking a picture of you two and framing it so the girlfriend can have it in her room, a bunch of notes that talk about different things you like about your girlfriend and putting them in a jar, or a coupon card where you have a free date or a free dinner. Anything that makes her happy and not just an item that you bought.


There are so many different ideas and gifts you can get during the holiday season just picking the right one for you is key.