Whit’s Up?


Hannah Musick


Chocolate, Buckeye, Black Raspberry, Candy Cane, and so many more flavors found at the local Whit’s in downtown Granville are fan favorites from the local buyers.

Chuck Whitman worked throughout his years perfecting a frozen custard recipe, according to the Whit’s Custard website. Whitman used his time of purchasing restaurants throughout the Midwest. After that he worked at a dairy manufacturing plant.

His wife Lisa, was also in the ice cream businesses operating several establishments. The two came together using their skills and knowledge to perfect the well liked dessert. As the years progressed the frozen custard business has become a family one. Both their son, Henry. and their daughter, Kaylyn, helped build new stores at different locations around local areas. Wherever you find a whits you will find it is a family-owned business.

In 1920 the first frozen custard machine was invented. Then, in 1940 frozen custard stands were located all over east and midwest United States. Custard is still made with the same simple ingredients, cream, eggs, and sugar.

Whit’s has been a favorite in Granville for many years.

“Whits has been my favorite place to go since I was little, ” said junior Riley Bruck. “My favorite flavor is the O’ Henry George,