Ice s’cream review: Create your own treat at Cupps


Jack McGonagle


If you’re looking for a fresh, modern ice cream place then Cupps is for you. The shop is located at 277 Deo Drive in Newark, Ohio by Roosters.

Cupps is a serve-yourself store with many ice cream machines within the shop and a toppings bar to load on top. Besides soft serve, they also sell cupcakes and coffee.

I really enjoyed the fact that the inside of the store was an open layout. The seating selection was great with multiple sets of low tables and high tables. On the walls, there were many pictures of colorful ice cream to admire while eating. The machines are located in the back of the store all in a line. They are outlined with wood, which gives them a clean look. On the wall above each machine, there is a picture and caption of each flavor that really helps the walls and display pop.

Cupps is all about giving their customers the freedom of creation. First, they come in and choose a cup to fill that they will pay for by the ounce. The cups are either plain, polka dot or solid colors. The spoons also come in a variety of colors, which helps make your creation burst. Once the customers pick their cups and spoons, they fill their cups with the flavors of their choosing, while finishing it off with any toppings from the bar next to the machines.

The toppings bar had an arsenal of flavors which included: fresh fruit, a multitude of different syrups, desserts like brownies and cookie dough, Boba’s, sprinkles and many other different sweets.

I decided to get birthday cake and cheesecake ice cream with cookie dough, Oreos, Reese’s bits and cheesecake bites. It was a burst of flavors in my mouth and the ice cream really did taste like birthday cake and cheesecake. I also really liked the fact that I could load on all the toppings I pleased because I was able to fill half the cup with cookie dough.

The pricing at the shop is very unique because customers actually pay by the ounce. Once they put the final touches on their masterpiece, it is put on a scale and weighed in ounces to get the final price.

I really loved the logo because it had bright neon and pink, which attracted my attention and was hard to miss as I drove by. They also incorporate what they sell into their logo because the U is a cup with ice cream on top and the exclamation at the end of Cupps is dotted with a cupcake.

Overall, I found no negatives and would give the store 10 scoops out of 10!