Pizza review: Joe & Mimi’s


Kylee McFarland


This New York style pizzeria is located on 943 River Road, just off the highway and near downtown Granville. They have been called “The best pizza in Licking County” by The Cleveland Plan Dealer and Yelp. I understood why they earned this title after the first time I visited the cozy little restaurant. They make their own recipes and provide handmade meals and desserts. You can have your meal delivered or eat inside, but if it’s nice outside I highly recommend eating on the patio in the open air. It’s a nice feeling being greeted at the door followed by quick service and a pizza to be enjoyed with your friends and family. 

I enjoyed their white pizza very much, but I will have to visit again to try their salads, hot subs, pasta, meatballs, pizza pastries and everything else on their menu. White cheese pizzas cost $15.00 for a small (12 in), $18.00 for a medium (16 in), and $21.00 for a large (18 in). Wednesday through Saturday they open at 2:00pm, Sunday hours are from 2:00pm to 7:00pm and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Place your order today at (740) 587-0046.

Joe & Mimi’s secret recipe is their Black Dog Classic Marinara sauce named after Leo the rescue dog. The recipe consists of vine ripened tomatoes, olive oil, butter, sugar, fresh garlic, black pepper, dry oregano, fresh parsley and salt. They sell this sauce with a goal to raise $32,000 and open a cannery dedicated to improving the quality of life of rescue dogs and training them to become service dogs for disabled kids and veterans with the help of The K-9 Spot. Click here to find out  more about their lifesaving program.