Flashback Friday: The Rise of Karly Worrall

Cam Crouch


Before Karly Worrall became an amazing Health and Sports Medicine teacher, she was a very athletic three sport athlete.  

She played three sports in high school, those sports being volleyball, basketball and softball. She dominated on both the court and the field. She competed for Gahanna Lincoln High School and graduated in 2005.  

Worrall was so athletic, that there was a rumor going around the school that she could dunk a basketball. It very well could be a myth, but many believed it was true. 

She then took her talents to Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Karly Jean Clay was an All-American softball player at the collegiate level for the Cougars. She was the best around during her college days. 

“I batted in the top-5 of the lineup, and held it down in the hot corner as a third basemen. The hot corner means that the hardest hits are coming my way, so I have to be ready at all times,” Worrall said.  

She doesn’t have any on-paper stats to back up her word, but she claims that she has hit many home runs in her four-year tenure at the Naz.  

In high school, she received the “most athletic” superlative in the schools yearbook. For being a student athlete, she excelled both athletically and academically.

After school ended, she found a good and loving man to spend the rest of her life with. She received a job at Granville High School teaching about the anatomy of the body and the way that the body functions.  

When Worrall gets home, she does Crossfit training to stay in shape.

She has had two happy and healthy children, and is very thankful for all of the opportunities to get to where she is today.